Mother-Of-The-Bride Devotional by Leign Ann Thomas

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Mother-Of-The-Bride Devotional by Leign Ann Thomas

                I so enjoyed Ribbons, Lace & Moments of Grace, a devotional written for mothers of the bride before the wedding. But I’ll let you in on a secret—it’s a blessing for mothers of the groom as well. In fact, this should be on the must read list for all parents of the bride or groom because it zeroes in on some of the key issues that can surface when preparing for a wedding. And it adds a Godly perspective to help you survive!

And the cover with purple (my favorite color!) only adds to the blessing that Ribbons, Lace & Moments of Grace is to me and probably many other purple-lovers.

So let me present the lovely mother of the brides, author Leigh Ann Thomas!


Welcome, Leigh Ann and congrats on this new release! When did the seeds for writing this devotional begin to take root in your writers muse?

Thank you, Elaine! From one purple enthusiast to another—it’s a joy to be here!

For me, becoming a mother of the bride was a tough transition. I went from being mom to three little girls to watching my nest become empty at warp speed. In my heart, I wasn’t ready to let go.

The idea for writing Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace, came from my mistake of isolating myself during the early stages of preparing for our daughters’ big days. I was a mess! I assumed that no one could possibly understand my myriad emotions, so in effect, I curled into an emotional ball.

I had to hit a mother-of-the-bride wall before I realized I could trust God with my worries and concerns—that He loved my daughters more than I ever could and He had plans and purpose for them.

Over time, I learned that weddings can be messy. And chaotic, and silly, and stressful, and absolutely wonderful—as long as I walked with my Lord on the journey.


Did you keep a journal during the preparations for your daughters’ weddings?

I didn’t keep a journal, but I did save emails with my daughters—short chats about everything from planning details to sharing our excitement over an upcoming dress fitting or food tasting. Most of the weddings were organized long-distance, so email was our life-line. Lots of “I love you!” and “We can do this!”

BookCover--Ribbons, Lace, and  Moments of Grace

I’m sure your daughters are so proud of you! What were their responses when they read this book?

My girls—Laura, Mary, and Katie—have been my biggest cheerleaders. I’ve depended on their love, support, and insights over the months of writing and fine-tuning the manuscript.

I was a little nervous when I gave them the early drafts because the book centers on a mom’s perspective (mine, and the precious women I interviewed). I knew the book would hold a few surprises concerning my thoughts and feelings during that time.

While reading, the girls laughed and enjoyed reliving shared memories. I think it brought home to each of us the blessings of walking together and allowing God to direct our hearts (even in the chaos!)


Do you have a sequel in mind for when — Lord willing — you become a grandmother? Inquiring GiGi’s and Mimi’s would love to read it!

Actually, my two oldest girls have been married for several years and I’ve been a Grammy for three years! Three little boys keep us extra-busy and we have a tiny princess due in May. Talk about joy! And yes, after a little more on-the-job training, I would love to write a sequel. I already have a wealth of material!


I imagine you do!! And congratulations. :) Any writing ideas brewing in your muse for future works?

Oh, where to start! I love the devotional format so I’m working on an idea for a book of inspiration for women in transition (I know, who’s not in transition?) My heart is for women to know they are never alone—that we have a Heavenly Father who loves unconditionally and will guide and sustain us in an upside-down world.

Also, just for fun, I love to write short stories and would like to venture into longer works of fiction. My favorite part of being a writer is asking, Okay, Lord…what shall we do today? Should we try something new? Then grabbing my pen and getting busy!

How can readers access you on social media?



Twitter: @lthomaswrites


Instagram: leighathomaswrites




Leigh Ann Thomas is the author of three books, including Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace—Inspiration for the Mother of the Bride releasing March, 2017. A columnist for, she has also written for,, and Power for Living. She is a contributing author in ten books and her work is included in two editions of Southern Writers Best Short Stories. You can find Leigh Ann on her front porch daydreaming story plots, or blogging at



My review:

What a moving and inspiring devotional! Ribbons, Lace, & Moments of Grace touches a chord with any parent who has experienced the life-altering transition of preparing for a wedding while also preparing to watch their child leave the nest. With both humor and sensitivity, author Leigh Ann Thomas walks mothers through the emotional journey of letting go with grace. I encourage this devotional to be read by every mother of the bride—and mother of the groom as well!

Leigh Ann is offering a free copy of her devotional to one reader who comments on this blog post. Be sure to leave your email to be entered in the drawing!


  1. Great interview. Elaine. And what a delightful idea for a devotional. The best advice I got as the mother of sons and it extends to far beyond the wedding, ” Mothers of the groom wear beige, and just say, ‘that’s nice’”.

    • As a mother of grooms, I’m laughing with you, Janet!! There is much truth in what you speak. ;) And this is a wonderful devotional! I hope you get a chance to read it. Thanks for stopping by!

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